Voylet – Air Spray Gun 77G


Nozzle Size 1.5mm

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Brand Voylet

This gravity feed HVLP spray gun is a better choice for the body, uses less paint, and ensures the best coverage and performance.
This spray gun is very suitable for home and professional applications.
It is equipped with three different nozzles with dimensions of 1.4 mm, 1.7 mm and 2.0 mm, respectively.
This low-pressure spray gun is economical, efficient, easy to operate, ergonomic handle and user-friendly trigger, which can reduce fatigue during spraying.

Model: 77G
Material: Alloys
Nozzle size: 1.5mm,20mm
Work pressure: 0.35 Mpa
Spray capacity: 400 ml
Paint ejection: 100 (≥ml/min)
Spray diameter: 240mm/9.45″
Air consumption: 140 (l/min)
Effective spray distance: 200-300 mm/7.87-11.81″
Air Joint Size: 1/4 Thread

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Weight 0.65 kg

1.5, 2.0